Ginger People Hot Coffee Ginger Chews

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

bag_clippedI bought this packet of chews yesterday for $1.99 at World Market. They had a whole display of ginger-themed items and I’ve got to admit that the real initial draw to these was the interesting mascot. It’s a knob of ginger chewing ginger chews. He’s cure, but it just seems wrong to me.

It only took me reading the back of this and surrounding Ginger People packages and finding out that these chews will not only give you a jolt of energy, but that they’ll also sooth any turbulent tummies.

The first one I ate was interesting. I wasn’t prepared for the snappiness of the ginger, and I had to chew and chew to get them down while an explosion was going on in my mouth. The second one I had (as I’m writing this) was much better. Smooth yet chewy, the bitter coffee melds into the sugary spicy sweetness of the ginger and just tastes amazing. The best thing about these little snacks is the fact that they’re travel friendly! They’re individually wrapped and just the right size.

Ginger Chews come in Original, Apple, and Peanut flavor as well. They can be found at local Whole Foods and World Markets, but you can also order them online. I look forward to trying their other treats, and also bought a small pack of “Travelers Chews” for my soon-to-be-starting-college little sister.

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