Inspired by the recent publication of a homemade green tea vodka in Bon Appétit magazine, we decided to put some of my tea to work.

One of the great things about my husband working from home is that when I plop down on the couch after a muggy, sweaty, and stinky commute from the office, he knows just the thing to cheer me up. “Want a cocktail?”

He couldn’t decide on which of our fruit liqueurs to use, so combined them all with a Peach Apple Crisp Black Tea-infused vodka we had started making over the weekend. After topping with some ginger ale it smelled like a delightful, fresh sangria, and it was just as refreshing.

If you haven’t tried infusing your own spirits, I encourage you to! It’s incredibly easy and fast. When trying out new flavors, you can try just a cup or two at a time to ebb some apprehension.