I don’t feel like typing in Japanese today. WAaaaaAay too tired.
I made this bento today from inspiration from bentocorner.com and cookingcute.com.

The hardest thing for me is DECIDING what to make, since I have so many things I can do! I can do fried tofu, curry, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, sushi, onigiri (my bro and sis love these), noodles, left overs, etc. I want to make spam musubi and the “weiner” flower this week, and have materials for all of these things!

I decided to make it totally breakfast for this bento, since my sister and brother have been having lunch really early since its SOL week. I made my brother and sister’s lunches a little bit different.

Grape Jelly and Cream Cheese Pancake Sandwiches
Ritz Crackers
Cheese Log (the kind with nuts on the outside) slice
Egg Chick
Jello Chocolate Pudding
Rice Crackers
Vitamin Watter Essential



Strawberry Jam and Cream Cheese Pancake Sandwiches
Ritz Crackers (only 2)
Cheese Log (the kind with nuts on the outside) slice
Egg Chick
Star Kiwi and Star Apple and Blueberry “salad”
Korean Bakery Bread with Yellow filling (either lemon or custard, I’m yet to find out. My sister doesn’t like red bean paste, so no mochi or dorayaki for her!)
Vitamin Watter Focus

I successfully boiled eggs by myself! It was the first time i did it by myself start to finish and i was worried that when i started peeling them that they would be liquidy inside. The first chick is jaggedy (ariel) and the second chick the yolk got cracked cause i forced the peppercorn eyes in too far (ate it) and the third chick is a rebel emo chick with only half jaggedy shell cause i got impatient after peelin’ all those eggs and i just ripped it (matt).

I’ll have to see what my sister and brother think. They loved yesterday’s curry (I’m STILL jealous). It must be weird to not have an asian-ish bento. I don’t know what to do!





クレアチブになった!妹のお弁当の一番上のContainerを見つけた! それから、弟のため妹の弁当作った、妹のため私の弁当を作った。妹は弟に比べて信頼できるから。 カレー作った!兄弟がうらやましい!妹の下Containerに特別な果物サレダ作った!星のようなイチゴ、ブルベリー、オレンジとブレベリの味ヨゴット入れた。美味しそう!!弟の弁当に最後のどら焼き入れた。ライスクラカーとバイトミン・ワターも。

I got creative! I found my sister’s bento’s top container, so I used my sisters bento for my brother and my bento for my sister (my sister’s more trustworthy). I made Curry, and I’m so Jealous of them! (none left over for me) In my sister’s bottom container I put a special fruit salad. Starry Strawberries, Blueberries, Oranges, and Blueberry yogurt. It looks SO good. I put the last Dorayaki in my brother’s bento. Both got Vitamin Water and rice crackers too.


ふりかけ・ラメン、マンゴ、チキン・ナガット、だいふくモチしか入れなかった。動物クーキとジェリとVitamin Waterも。
でも、可愛いみたいね?(弟のためにちょっと可愛すぎると思う) ~_~ 妹はこのラメンが大好きって、また作った。明日カレーかサンドウイチ作るかも。カレーとご飯は小さい弁当に入れにくいだよ!妹の弁当はDividerがあるけど弟がないから。クレアチブにしなくちゃ。

I was lazy again.
I only made Furikake Ramen, Mango Slices, Chicken Nuggets, and Mochi. I also put in Animal Crackers, Jelly, and Vitamin Water though. But, it looks cute, right? Maybe a little too cute for my brother… My sister said she loved this ramen, so I made it again. Tomorrow I’ll either make curry or a sandwich probably. But putting the curry and the rice together is so hard! My sisters bentos have dividers, but my brother’s doesn’t. So, I have to be creative.




『おにぎり』 ご飯、ライットGmartのり、野菜味ふりかけ、おにぎりモルッドで作った
『ほかの』 たこチップ、桜みたいにんじん、どら焼き、メロン・ラムネ、りんご、果プリン

5/16 Bento
{Nori Ramen} Carrots and Nori in Chicken Flavored Ramen (I drained the broth)
{Onigiri} Rice, Light Seaweed made in Grandmart, Vegetable Flavored Furikake, An Onigiri Mold
{Others} Octopus Chips, Sakura Blossom Carrots, Dorayaki, Melon Ramune, Fuji Apples, Fruit Pudding.
I forgot to take a picture of the Bento, but I did take a picture of the Onigiri that I made.
All of my siblings’ friends were jealous!

Onigiri 5/16
5/16 Onigiri



Gyoza and Onigiri! My brother’s Onigiri is only furikake, but I put MuShi Pork in my sister’s Onigiri and made her little MuShi Pork Sushi (can you see them?) because she’s nicer to me than my brother. Juice box, custard bun, fruit pudding, and octopus chips. Cute little sauce containers!!
Dinner was Tonkatsu and Stir Fry Lo-mein (I didn’t have chicken broth, so the noodles were a little bland).


Today I was really lazy, so I made the lunches really quickly.
I made yakisoba (2.5 packs with only one pack of sauce. My brother and sister LOVE yakisoba and have been asking for it all week!), fried a little egg and tried to make a lion face out of it. LIKE here: http://www.bentocorner.com/roller/page/bentoblog?entry=lion_yakisoba_bento
T_T. I also put melon slices and crackers, with the last onigiri-s and ramune-s. This is a picture of my sister’s bento since I was too lazy to un-tie my brother’s. I bought this bento for her for her birthday or christmas. I forget.