Eco-Cha: Dong Ding Oolong


This batch of tea comes from Yong Long Village, just above Dong Ding Mountain. Yong Long is known for a rich red soil which differs from other locales in Lu Gu Township. The unique flavor of the Dong Ding Oolong produced here is attributed to this soil quality, along with the fact this region is home to the most concentrated population of the most skilled oolong tea artisans in Taiwan.

Flavor: Roasted summer squash, artichoke, cashews, dried fruit. Clean, tangy finish.

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Tasting Notes

Though roasted, this tea is still light. The aroma is of roasted corn, nuts, and leaves–perfect for the first crisp day of Autumn. Sipping on the tea after brewing, I get a strong taste of barley, but it isn’t strong enough to be off-putting. This would be great brewed as an iced tea with some honey, or brewed extra strong since the flavor was a bit watery for me.

About Eco-Cha

Eco-Cha was created to represent the artisan tea industry in Taiwan. The tea is responsibly sourced, artisan tea direct from family-run tea gardens in Taiwan.

Disclaimer: Photos are from Eco-Cha. Tea was provided for review.

Cold Snap

Sometimes on the weekend, the week’s work can catch up to you and you just need to take a nap. My fiancé made this for me recently to help me ease into a night of wedding planning after a nap. At 15% alcohol total and with a heavy dose of cold brewed coffee, this is the perfect way to jump start an evening.

The SNAP liqueur with the other spirits make this taste like a tasty, adult chocolate milk.