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Easy to Be Herbal Tea

Brewing Instructions


Find peace, no matter the circumstance. This month (March 2017) we transition from winter to spring. The seasons are always a nice reminder to check-in on which stage of life you’re in. This month we are bringing you an easy, breezy blend just called ‘Easy to Be’ (because “it’s not easy being green” is copyrighted).

Make sure to brew this tea for only around 3-minutes with below-boiling water to bring forward the nuances of the greens with hints of delightful fruit. We also love putting a jar of this in the fridge overnight to cold brew a refreshing, rejuvenating iced tea. Perfect as is — add sweetener to highlight the fruit flavor.

Avail­able through: Plum Deluxe

Tasting Notes

The dry leaf smells tangy and juicy from the berries and hibiscus. Once brewed it has the nostalgic smell of blueberry oatmeal due to the slight grassiness from the rooibos. The taste is nowhere near as strong or as sweet as the smell so I think this would do well over-leafed and brewed as an iced tea. There is no itchiness or “hay” taste from the rooibos since it is green, not red rooibos.

Product provided for review.  All notes & opinions are my own.

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