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Heritage Blend Black Tea


Scottish Breakfast tea is traditionally a powerful caffeine pick-me-up, comprised with a blend of teas from around the world. We found the perfect black teas from India, Africa, and Sri Lanka paired with a drop of our real Vermont maple syrup extract to create the perfectly balanced black tea power combo. We call it the Heritage Blend because this tea reminds us of the people that came before us, and infused in this blend are the roots of tea from around the world.

This blend uses “CTC” cuts of each tea — crush, tear, curl. It’s a method in which the leaves are processed to allow them to infuse a lot of flavor, very quickly (since those Scots long ago were in a hurry for their cuppa). That’s why the leaves in this tea are smaller in size and more uniform — but full of fresh, organic flavor.

Avail­able through: Plum Deluxe

Tasting Notes

This dry leaf smells very strongly of maple syrup, malty, with a tang of fruitiness. It reminds me of from-scratch breakfasts. When brewing the maple smell disappears entirely. The woodsy, dark, and malty black tea takes center stage and I can actually smell the different cuts of black tea on different inhales. The brewed liquid has a deep, dark amber appearance. Each sip’s beginning contains maltiness and astringency from the black teas but then is rounded out with earthy sweetness from the maple. This is a very robust tea; even after brewing for 4 minutes it is perfectly smooth & not bitter.

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