Plum Deluxe: Monthly Tea Club

I am a fan of monthly boxes, especially ones that allow me to try new things. I have seen monthly boxes tea boxes before, but Plum Deluxe is the first one that I’ve seen that is 1) organic, 2) seasonal–there is a special tea club-only blend each month, 3) generous in size, 4) customizable, and 5) affordable.

I was sent the 2-Tea per month subscription to review, with an extra bonus tea. Find out more about what’s included in each month’s shipment and other FAQs at

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52Teas: Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush


Do I really need to say anything else? Maybe just this: DO NOT drag your feet on this one; it is going to go FAST! Ingredients: Honeybush, coconut, natural flavors

Avail­able through: 52Teas | Face­book

Tasting Notes

Jumping back into tea tasting with a good ‘ol #sipdown! The smell of the dry leaf is sweet, roast-y, with hints of caramel. Once steeped for six minutes the smell mellows with just a faint lingering coconut sweetness at the end.

Surprisingly, this tea tastes stronger and sweeter than the smell would suggest. The first hit is of tea–similar in flavor to a weak black tea, blended with rooibos but without the itchiness that I usually associate with it. Where astringency should usually end the sip, instead the taste rolls into toasted coconut with some oil slightly coating the mouth. There is no cheesecake flavor. As it cools the coconut takes a more prominent role, turning the tea sweeter, though there is still no cheesecake.

Delicious sip: organic monks blend 


Laced with enticing caramel and vanilla flavors, this black tea is sure to please the senses. Although flavorful and exotic, it still maintains a smooth and mellow finish, making for an incredible experience that is sure to delight.

Avail­able through: Deli­cious Sip | Face­book

Tasting Notes

The dry leaf has a creamy, sweet, and smooth scent. The wet leaves smell earthy, sweet, floral, strong with vanilla and marzipan.

The brewed liquid is very dark in appearance. The scent is more subdued but still creamy and sweet, reminding me of iced lemon pound cake.

The opening taste is smooth and creamy but not as sweet as the aroma was. The richness finishes with a slight astringency and the flavor of grapes and fresh plums.

Product provided for review.  All notes & opinions are my own.

Delicious Sip: Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose


This is a fresh and smooth green Sencha tea with excellent body and depth. The bright cherry and subtle rose flavors give this tea a wildly exotic character unique in its own right. The tea used in this savory blend is grown only from March to April and the quality is clearly tasted in every cup. The Hunan Province is renowned for producing excellent Japanese style green teas and our Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose tea is a prime example. We invite you to brew a cup and taste the difference.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Rose Petals, and Natural Flavors

Available through: Delicious Sip | Facebook

Tasting Notes

Smells: Buttery, sweet like candied flowers.

Taste: Wow. I don’t like floral teas but this tastes great. Like a tea time cake topped with flowers while rolling around in the spring grass outside. It is very smooth and not astringent at all. Not too vegetal or grassy as some green teas can be. The after taste at the back of the throat is reminiscent of lettuce, but very faint.

This is one of the best green teas I’ve tried recently and it is very easy to brew. The rose does not add a perfume or soap taste like I’ve had in the past and it blends well with the green tea. The packaging recommended 3-7 minutes and I brewed it for 3 minutes with slightly cooled 175 degree water.

Flavors: Cake, Dry Grass, Marzipan, Rose, Violet

About Delicious Sip

Delicious Sip Teas are harvested in a three to five week window and the process occurs but once a year then blended in small batches by true tea masters to capture the most subtle flavors. They are organic, fair trade, and socially responsible.

Product provided for review.  All notes & opinions are my own.

Nina’s Paris Tea Store Sampling

Marie Antoinette



A very delicate tea, flavored with apples & roses, with a touch of strongness with ceylon tea basis Apple aroma done with apples coming from King’s Kitchen Garden – Versailles.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Ceylon, Rose petals, Apples and Roses

Available through: Nina’s Paris Tea Store | Facebook

Tasting Notes

The dry leaf smells of apples, sweet plums, pear, and a hint or fruit orchard flowers.

I brewed this at 200 °F for 4 minutes. Once steeped, the tea tastes very strongly of fresh green apples, with a bit of pear and finishes with a floral bitterness.

This tea is the most popular from Nina’s Paris because of its unique story. The original Marie-Antoinette tea is made of apples and roses hand-picked from the Le Potager du Roi of Versailles (King’s Kitchen Garden).

Mon Secret


Keemun tea with all the succulence of sunny fruits. You will be seduced by the naturally sweet flavours of melon, peach, and papaya.

Ingredients: Keemun Black Tea, Papaya pieces, melon, peach

Available through: Nina’s Paris Tea Store | Facebook

Tasting Notes

The brewed tea smells malty, sweet, delicate with a general “tropical” aroma. The taste itself is smooth and light with a hint of astringency.




The magical combination of pineapple and coconut. This tea, with a hint of tartness, will pleasantly surprise you. An exotic blend that will satisfy all seeking enchantment.

Ingredients: Green Tea, pineapple, coconut, cream

Available through: Nina’s Paris Tea Store | Facebook

Tasting Notes

This tea smells tropical, light, and sweet. I brewed this to share with a friend and we really enjoyed it. The green tea was not too over-powered by the flavors, but it was subtle enough to be a good “intro tea” for people just starting with tea. It would do well with a little bit of sweetener or iced.
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