Mango Chicken Salad, Asian Sesame Salad, and Orange Chicken Bentos

So I’ve been fortunate enough to be eating out a lot recently and have been bringing home my leftovers for Dan because of America’s ridiculous problem with portion control.

With the promise of yummy yummy leftovers, Danny has allowed me to make his lunch for him! The first day, I didn’t really have any containers large enough for the salad that weren’t… Totoro. So I used a yellow miffy container I had purchased at LoFt in Japan. Even though I had covered up the whole entire top of the Bento with a piece of paper so that Dan wouldn’t be embarassed, he STILL said it was too cute. So, I went to Target and bought a $4 container that was divided and more manly. Unfortunately, not only do the dividers not go up all the way, they don’t even go up SOME of the way. The box is really weird, and I have to take weird measures to not have food falling all over the place and into the other container (hence defeating the purpose of having dividers). Oh, and this is because Dan doesn’t have a lunch box, he puts his lunch into his messenger bag vertically.

Mango Chicken Salad



Left container has an Ozzie rolle and Rye bread from Coastal Flats sliced and inside waxed paper liners so they don’t get soggy. Sweet butter is inside the elephant (I tried to find a manly container! I needed a lid for the butter because he doensn’t keep his lunch flat!)

Asian Sesame Salad


dannybento2_1 dannybento2

This was the new container from Target. Left container has salad dressing, por lao bao (pineapple bun) from Dim Sum, raisins, and frosted mini wheats. I put the Frosted Mini wheats inside wall-e cupcake liners because I wanted them to be contained and the left section to be packed tightly. The right side has an un-dressed Panera Asian Chicken Sesame Salad. I covered the right side with plastic wrap so the salad wouldn’t leak into the left side. *sigh*

Orange Chicken




I made fresh rice with this because I didn’t keep the rice from Panda Express. The left container has Gala apple slices with a lime-juice dabbed paper towel, Apple-Cinnamon Cheerios, and Hello Pandas. Right side is rice and Orange Chicken from Panda Express. I had to wrap plastic wrap completely around both containers (rice/pandas) because just tucking it around the sides and top wasn’t enough–the stuff fell out anyways.

I think this will be the last Bento I make for Dan for a while. I’ve really come to hate this Tupperware (too big, yet not big enough, divided but the dividers don’t do anything…) Maybe if I can get another one that’s better.

Right now I’m looking at this one in particular from the Container store (because it’s unisex and cheap):

I would have to see this one in person though, I have no clue what the ounce sizes would equate in terms of holding food.

I’m also looking at these:


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