Cupcakes for UVA Weekend (Pt. 2)

The first time I went down to UVA this year was with my Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes.
This time I want to use a combination of matcha (green tea), adzuki (red bean), and/or tapioca bubbles.

The options are:
Green Tea Bubble Cream filled Cupcakes with Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting (no red bean, but I could decorate with shapes cut out of the red bean)
Adzuki Bean Paste Filled Chocolate Cupcakes with Matcha Green Tea Frosting (no tapioca, but has espresso powder!)

I think the first one is the best at incorporating all ingedients, but I think that the second would taste better. I guess I can just use the tapioca bubbles for something else. Or if i make two batches of cupcakes, I’ll make one of each.

Unfortunately, in my mind, the perfect thing (Green tea cake, tapioca filling, and red bean icing or red bean cake, tapioca filling, and green tea frosting) is nowhere to be found. >_<

Let’s see what happens!

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