New Bento Box from New Lotte!

I went over to the new Lotte on Sunday and snagged a new bento for Dan!

He doesn’t like the Yellow Miffy one that I used that one time (even though I covered it up!), so when I saw basically the same bento, but in blue and with no decoration, I had to get it!

I’ve yet to use it, but it was 9.99 in the Lotte Houseware section. They have a lot of bento options, but most were too big or were decorated. They also sell the thermal lunch boxes there! (If only I could get Dan to bring that to work… but it’s too large/bulky for him I think).


Also, I know I mentioned this already, but the new Lotte is awesomeness! Between Lotte and Super H Mart, I no longer need to go to Grand Mart! In fact, I went there on Monday and there was nothing there that I needed. All the things I need are at one of the others. Plus, a 12-pack of cup noodles at Grand Mart is 8.99, at Lotte they’re 4.60 (after tax!). Lets not get into the fact that at Safeway they’re $5 for a 6-pack. Too bad the Lotte that is about 8 minutes from my apartment is all old and dirty.

I also got some Mustard Oil for Dan, who had been wanting to use it ever since he saw the Delhi episode of Bizarre Foods. I don’t know if it’s safe to cook with though! I mean, it was in the Indian Grocery aisle with all the other food…

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