Unagi Maki, Inari, and Onigiri


For this month’s Washoku Warriors, our challenge was sushi. I’ve made sushi before, but it has been a long while since I was able to successfully execute a maki roll. One assignment was a maki roll containing unagi 鰻 (broiled eel), daikon radish sprouts, and cucumber. My cucumber went bad before I got to it so I substituted the crunch with red pepper. I added a mayo/sriracha sauce  inside. I really didn’t like this sushi, but it was mainly because the eel I used was from a can and disgusting looking.

ww_sushi2 ww_sushi3 ww_sushi5

Another challenge was inari いなり寿司 (fried tofu pocket sushi). I make inari all the time,  so it was quite easy. After making 3 inari and a maki roll, I still had leftover sushi rice so I made some onigiri mixed with furikake and bean sprouts. After making all of these, I found out the rice was too dry and had too much vinegar in it.


Inari – Nov 18th Bento; Onigiri – Nov 20th Bento

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