Happy New Year 明けましておめでとう

Happy New Year! Sorry it’s taken me so long to make a post in the new year — I almost forgot the year had changed! (Trust me, I’m still dating things as 2008). It was especially busy because of my sister’s birthday, our celebration of Chinese New Years (on New Years Day because we’re all together), and stupid stupid work.

I was so hungry on New Year’s that I didn’t even take pictures (and I had specifically brought my camera). Our spread consisted of:

– Long Island Duck
– Great Grandpa’s Potato/Liver Duck Stuffing
– Mushroom Chicken (Ginger)
– Vegetables (Jicama, Broccoli, Cauliflour, Napa, all with sauce)
– Rice
– Guava Chiffon Pie

I’ve temporarily changed the image up top to a nengajyo 年賀状 to celebrate the new years. The image is from a super cute Japanese website called Putiya.  I’ve collected some cute new year’s images for you in the attached gallery.

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