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13 7 14 $17

April 19th, 2009
I think this is the worst real Chinese food I’ve ever had. The Americanized dishes are worse that what you’d find at our local take-out place or mall food court, and the off-the-wall traditional dishes just didn’t taste clean. I guess when our waiter asked us if “we were sure” we wanted what we ordered, we should have taken that opportunity to book it.

A few bites on the intestines saw the quick dissolving of the sauce, and left to shine on its own, the intestines tasted like intestines. As in, they had not been cleaned and I felt like I was eating what was previously in the intestines (poop). The sausage and bok choy was far too salty for my liking.


From Zagat

“No ambiance, no atmosphere – no problem” because the food at this “spartan” Chinatown “standard” is “cheap and fabulous”, especially if you “stick to the Chinese menu” that’s posted on the “sheets of paper taped to the wall” and is “not for the faint of heart”; in contrast, the “Americanized” choices get dissed as strictly “for those who long for Chung King” – but that still works for patrons who just want a quick “bite before a game.”

Food: 20, Decor: 6, Service: 15, Cost: $17
Chinatown | 609 H St. NW (6th St.) | Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro | 202-289-1703

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