Central Michel Richard

Food Decor Service Cost
25 26 17 $38

April 7th, 2009
Central is a treat to go to. There’s just no other way to explain it. The atmosphere is nice and whimsical, in fact it reminded me of the scene in Beauty and the Beast where all the plates and cups dance. You can see the kitchen from your table, and it is lively and vibrant without being annoying or too loud. This restaurant really is a crowd pleaser. Not only do they execute traditional dishes extremely well, but they also offer a great variety of interesting and unique dishes. Because of this, I think it’s safe to say that any group or assortment of individuals can go here and order something delicious off of the menu without feeling as if they’re settling or being forced to try something they aren’t comfortable with. In fact, the most popular and recommended dish from our waiter is their fried chicken. Since this restaurant is so versatile, you could go here either for a business meeting or a date.

I decided on the rabbit since I had not tried rabbit before. The rabbit was very interesting. It tasted like chicken, but with the texture of pork. I liked it, but some parts of the rabbit seemed to have different textures, as if they came from different physical parts of the rabbit rather than from the same place. The best part of the dinner was definitely the cheeseburger. It was cooked to perfection, and even though it was a plain burger, it was topped with crispy potato pieces and bacon. We rounded out the night with an amazing banana split. I think we could have easily made a meal out of the burger and the dessert.

Our waiter was annoying and provided spotty service, but we forgave the restaurant as a whole for his mistakes. This restaurant was not that expensive. Like other restaurants, you can get many great dishes for not that much money. The burger was $18 after adding a few dollars on here and there for cheese and bacon, while mine was $31.


From Zagat

At Penn Quarter’s latest “‘it'” spot, all-star chef Michel richard (Citronelle) lends his “signature cheeky style” and “culinary chops” to “haute cuisine packaged for everyone” via a “mouthwatering” New American-French lineup that’s billed as “comfort food gone upscake”l with its “informed” service and “smart” looks, it draws “daunting” crowds of bon vivants who exult in “vibrant” scenery, a “hot bar scene” and “super-high quality” that “doesn’t break the bank.”

Food: 25, Decor: 22, Service: 22, Cost: $52
Penn Quarter | 1001 Penn Ave NW (10th St.) | Federal Triangle Metro | 202-626-0015


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  1. this looks very good!! i would like to go to this place especially since i’ve been to citronelle so a “less expensive” place from michel richards may be great. i may have to try the rabbit as well!!