Food Decor Service Cost
23 21 21 $30

February 14th, 2009
Carlyle is one of my favorite Great American Restaurants. The only reason we don’t go there more often is its location and price. It’s located in Shirlington, an area that is not that accessible from where we live, and the price-point is a little bit higher than we like to spend on a regular out-to-eat establishment. I’ve been here three times, and 2 out of 3 times were absolute wonderful dining experiences. Where Carlyle shines the most is at brunch, and I had the opportunity to dine there for a delicious Valentine’s Brunch recently. You’ll probably want to eat upstairs, since its a little more quite and nicer than below. I had french toast and coffee and my boyfriend had poached eggs with asparagus and steak. The coffee is very strong and bitter, I could only manage to take a few sips. The good thing about Carlyle is that they are right next door to the Great American Restaurants’ bakery: Best Buns. For brunch, instead of the normal rolls, we got sugar-rolled donuts. Yummy! (In fact, everything was yummy here!) The only small bumps on the culinary journey was the fact that they second-guessed the temperature of the steak (Medium: Thats a cool red center. Is that okay?) and they did not put the hollandaise sauce on the side for the poached eggs.


From Zagat

“Year after year”, this Shirlington New American “inspires intense loyalty” thanks to “delicious”, “creative” food that’s “nothing too fancy” but a “great value”; it’s all delivered by “enthusiastic” servers in a “lively” bistro setting, but while “contented fans” attest “you can’t go wrong” for a “first date” or “before a show at the Signature”, be sure to “call ahead” as “no reservations are taken.”

Food: 24, Decor: 22, Service: 23, Cost: $36
Shirlington | 4000 S. 28th St. (Quincy St.) | 703-931-0777

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