Back from New York City

I just got back from New York City! I went this past weekend with my boyfriend for a much needed vacation/belated 5-Year anniversary celebration. I was so tired when we got back that I collapsed on the bed and woke up this morning, not even remembering going to sleep. I’ll be posting all about my food-related adventures in a bit, but here’s an overview of what’s to come:


  • Washington Square
  • Aki on West 4th
  • Tokyo Bar


  • Pax
  • Japanese Culinary Center – Closed
  • Kinokuniya @ Rockerfeller Center – Closed
  • Nintendo Store
  • Gramercy Tavern
  • Shopping (Sur La Table, Uniqlo, Pearl River, Muji, CB2, TopShop, Kidrobot, Voseges, CO Bigelow)
  • Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizzeria


  • Kinokuniya Bryant Park
  • Max Brenner
  • Momofuku Ssam Bar
  • Crumbs
  • Shopping (Kinokuniya, Penguin)
  • Ten Ren
  • Lucky Bakery
  • Kee’s Chocolates
  • Jewel Bako
  • Magnolia Bakery


  • Metropolitian Museum of Art
  • Kyotofu
  • Ess-a-Bagel

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