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13 8 8 $6

I’ve gone to Yogen Fruz twice. I do not recommend them, as much better yogurt is to be had at other places. There are a few different options (low-fat, no-fat, no-fat/no-sugar), but they all start out as a frozen yogurt bar. For some reason, it really bothers me how they make their yogurt. As you can see by the promotional image below, I was really excited about the Matcha-Lychee flavor because I envisioned green tea yogurt with fresh lychee on top. No, it’s a hard block of frozen yogurt, pre-labeled, mixed with a few dashes of green tea powder, and then all blended together with frozen, peeled lychee. I think that since they blend the ingredients together at the last minute, they don’t really, well, blend. I tasted the yogurt, then the chalky matcha hit as a totally separate flavor. The lychee contributed only texture, not flavor. Have you ever made a smoothie with grapes or strawberries and had to deal with the crunchy seeds or un-blendable grape skins? That is exactly how this tastes (texture wise). If you can’t guess by my description, that means it tastes bad. Not only that, but the yogurt is also slightly watery when it comes out.

I’ve tried the chocolate and tried the a fore mentioned combo with and without mochi slices. I’ve had much better for less. Also, I do not like the service there. While waiting in like the first time, I asked if they took credit cards. When I got up to check out, their machine “magically” went out and instead of letting us get our yogurt free, they made us wait there for about ten minutes! Finally we were able to scrounge enough change and pay the tab, but still! There’s a level of service here that lacks in comparison to places like Starbucks, or other establishments that have no reason to offer complimentary coupons. The second time I went here I decided to try the seemingly-newly-added no fat/no sugar vanilla yogurt as a base. When I asked for this yogurt, the yogurt-eer immediately asked if I was diabetic. I felt as if I had to have one of those necklaces or bracelets identifying me as someone with blood sugar problems, and somehow felt violated by the question. Not to mention they were sold out of the topping I wanted.

There are locations in Tysons Corner Mall and newly, Reston Town Center. The Tysons location is a kiosk on the lower level by Starbucks and H&M. Save your money and go to the Starbucks.



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