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Summer 2009
I am officially listing Iceberry as my favorite cold-treat place in the area. I’ve tried Mr. Yogato, SweetGreen, tangysweet, Shilla, Pitango Gelato, Something Sweet, Coldstone Creamery, Milwaukee’s Frozen Custard, Maggie Moo’s, Baskin Robbin’s, Dolcezza, Boccato, and Yogen Fruz.

Sure sure sure. I love my pat bing soo at Shilla like nothing other, but I can’t be expected to gorge on a $9 trough of craziness at the drop of the hat. I also love Milwaukee, but its sometimes a bit rich for my tastes. And I won’t even mention the ridiculously delicious Banana Split at Central, but that’s a little more “special occasion” than your standard fro-yo run.

I don’t care what you say, the honeydew yogurt here is amazing. I can eat it plain, but I love topping it with gummy bears as well. The flavor is tart and refreshing. It quenches my thirst, but it cleanses my palate enough so that I can devour the whole cup myself.

The portions are a little chintzy here–the yogurt is poured into the cup as an outer-ring and this hollow in the bottom is strategically covered by a swirl on top. Very sneaky if you ask me. They have frequenter punch cards, but they only punch per visit, so when I was with my family and we bought four yogurts, they were only going to punch it once. Can you believe that? I tried arguing with them, but they were really stubborn (at the Chantilly location) and allowed us to get two stamps, but “Only this one time”. Geez. Also, they don’t offer samples at the Georgetown location. I understand because they only have three or four flavors, but still. I like that they’re conveniently located and stay open late though~


Chocolate and Strawberries Cozy Yogurts~ Mom, Sister, Brother iceberry5

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