Chop’t Creative Salad

Food Decor Service Cost
21 19 17 $10

Chop’t, to sum it up, is a place where you can get really tasty salads that are conveniently wrapped in an edible wrapper (tortilla). This makes them ‘sandwiches’, but I just call it super yummy goodness that’s healthy for you! If you opt to have the real salad, you get about twice as much salad and no edible outside goodness. You choose your salad and dressing (there are a variety–even ‘spa’ (fat free!!) and they chop it up there in front of you with their special chopper. Another great thing that Chop’t has are their drinks. They have in house lemonade, strawberry-lemonade (I recommend), iced tea, and iced-tea/lemonade as well as hand crafted sodas (sweetened with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup). Chop’t, though slightly expensive, is a worth-wile trip for those in the area that are in the mood for a refreshing lunch that won’t cause them to nap after lunch or regret not going to the gym (plus you can get a ‘Frequent Chopper’ card that will reward you with a free meal after 9 paid ones). Everything is fresh in Chop’t, even the bright green decor and clean, white tables. (I was bummed I didnt get a basket to get the few salad bits that fell as I ate, but that might be because they thought our order was to-go). SUPER plus points for RECYCLING too!

From Zagat:

A “salad isn’t just a salad, it’s a meal and a half” at these “cheery”, “healthy” fast-food outlets now sprouting around townl a Manhattan-grown concept involving “endless combos” of “fresh”, “choose-your-own” fixings that the counterfolk “slice and dice” with double-bladed knives, it’s “not cheap”, but it makes the cut with lunchtime “masses”; P.S. “the only thing longer than the ingredient list is the line.”

Food: 18, Decor: 12, ServiceL 17, Cost: $11
Chinatown | 730 Seventh St. NW (G St.) | 202-347-3225
Dupont Circle | 1300 Connecticut Ave. NW (Dupont Circle) | 202-327-2255

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