Pizza Bread, Grapes, and Tapioca

Crab Furoshiki Pizza Bread & Grapes

This is the last of the pizza bread, and I swear this half was totally different than the other. This one had potato, peas, ham, onion, green pepper, crab, mushrooms, cheese, and who knows what else. Some yummy grapes and a tapioca pudding that didn’t make the shot here.

Packed in my wonderful UGM pink box and wrapped with a wahuu (word-play off of “Wa” meaning traditional Japanese goods such as washoku or washi) furoshiki that came from the same place as my red goldfish one. I like that these furoshiki have a quilted feeling and are more absorbent than standard furoshiki, but I like the way traditional furoshiki look better. After looking online for furoshiki, I’ve come to the conclusion that I shall make my own. I have some leftover Wall-E fabric that can possibly festoon into a chopsticks case (must line back of fabric and find some cord). I really do have some cute fabric from Japan that I must put to good use, whether as handkerchiefs or furoshiki-ness.

Furoshiki Info Pizza Bread Close-up

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