Remembering Leopold


Leopold passed away this morning.

He chose us at a local pet shelter and we fell in love immediately. Over my birthday dinner we decided we would adopt him permanently. He was our first pet and he was in our lives a little over 5 years.

Through the few short years we had with him he touched everyone’s heart. He was the sweetest boy that would want to be around you no matter what room you were in. He loved head butts, chin scratches, and ear rubbings. He would do almost anything for some lunch meat and would love to watch us in the kitchen while on the dining room table. He loved exploring his kingdom, whether inspecting the hallway, patrolling for unsanctioned closed doors, running throughout the place and growling, or finding new spots to sleep and claim his own.

I am glad he is no longer in pain but I will miss his morning wake-up cuddles, his meows hurrying us to feed him, and relaxing with him on the balcony and watching the world go by. Thank you for letting us adopt you Leopold. There will be a hole in our hearts and home forever.

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