September Foodie Penpals


This month, we did something different! We sent and received from the same person! We received our package from the lovely Esther M. from TX.

We got a great package! It contained: 4 different teas, nutz over chocolate luna bar, banana chips, quinoa with vegetables, nutty chocolate granola bars, and homemade almond butter.
Our package arrived just in time for our trip to Philadelphia! I packed the granola bars, banana chips, and the luna bar in our “carry on” (we were driving there) for snacks! The granola bars are quite tasty for a pick-me-up or even dessert. As always, we love luna bars for breakfast or an in between snack. Nutz over chocolate is my favorite flavor.
I haven’t tried the quinoa yet but my friend is coming over to review it with me.
Thank you Esther for our awesome package!

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The Lean Green Bean

August Foodie Penpals


Thank you to Preston for our August package!
What we got: seasoned brown rice, southwest dip mix, vegetable chips, banana bread, and Stash pumpkin spice tea bags!

Preston drove out an hour away from his house to go to a specialty store to shop for us! We got really unique items for sure – much appreciated!

Our dad already wanted to make the rice and the dip as soon as we got it. Thank you for looking for things (banana bread!) that I requested/wanted and driving an hour to get them. I love Stash tea and pumpkin spice but I haven’t tried the Stash Pumpkin Spice tea but Nicole says it’s good. Our brother already used the vegetable chips with hummus (he described them as vegetables that were crispy enough to dip, haha). The banana bread was quickly eaten as well!

Thanks for our package, Preston!

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals: June & July



Our June Foodie Penpals package was from Stephanie in Utah!

Our mailmen had a little mishap getting the first package to us (we never got it, but she sent it) but Stephanie was so very nice to send us another one!

What we got was: calpico mango and white peach drinks, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chocolate almond wafer rolls, butter coconut crackers, pineapple cakes and a cute cupcake note! The note card got a little wet so I couldn’t take a picture of it.

She especially shopped for us at her local Asian market. How could we ask for anything better? She chose to go there for “lots of fruity and sweet items…also, Calpico.” She tried every flavor and gave us her two favorites! I popped them in the fridge to get them cold and I’m saving a day to drink them.

She used to live in NY/NJ…we connected over how much we love the Asian selections over there. She lives near the biggest Asian supermarket in Utah! The pineapple cakes are her mom’s favorite, but apparently they come in different flavors! Our dad already devoured almost all of them, but he claims they’re like “island fig newtons” – count me in! I got to find some more.

Thanks Stephanie for our wonderful package!

Visit Stephanie’s cute blog at



Our July Foodie Pen Pals is from Melissa!

She lives in Northern Indiana, which is 2 miles south of Michigan – so it’s called “Michiana”! She sent us some great local treats.
She works just near the “largest chocolate store” – how cool!

What we got is: summer themed malted milk balls (lemon and orange), peanut butter and chocolate fudge dessert topping, some lavender hill farm spice mix (lavender, rosemary, thyme, savory, and marjoram), and a nice postcard.

The malted milk balls are a nice summer treat that I ate one already of! My dad likes the lemon ones and I like the orange ones. They’re fairly big, but nonetheless, good.

I tried the dessert topping warmed up on top of ice cream – it tastes more like peanut butter than chocolate but that’s fine with me. I like how some of the money goes to a local food shelter. I haven’t tried the spice mix yet, but it sounds interesting!

Thanks for our nice package, Melissa!

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The Lean Green Bean

May Foodie Penpals


Our Foodie Penpals package was from Carrie!

What we got was: mango passionfruit tea, cinnamon apple chamomile tea, blueberry superfruit tea, lemon ginger tea, vanilla chai tea, acai berry tea, green tea, green superfruit tea, chamomile tea, licorice spice tea, english breakfast tea, hazelnut coffee, banana chocolate chip muffin mix (with a recipe), 5 pieces of Dove chocolate, almond milk (to use with the muffin mix), cherry cola, coconut cream pie lara bar, hemp granola bar, dandelion and burdock soda, and a lovely note!


The sodas look really interesting. Nicole LOVES that brand of Dandelion & Burdock soda. Cherry Cola is my favorite type of soda, besides Shirley Temples. The tea array was great. It really was a wonderful variety for me to try. All of them were good! The coconut cream bar sounds delectable. I will have to try it soon! The chocolates are always welcome in any package!


I made the banana muffin cups already because I had perfectly 3 over ripe bananas and I wanted to make something with them – how perfect. The almond milk was the perfect size to use with the recipe too. Only complaint I have is that I need to make those muffins again. Perfect for breakfast! I would add a pinch of sugar in the mix if I did it again. Or drizzle honey (Nicole’s suggestion) on top. I did sprinkle some on top and baked them a little more and that seemed to work okay.

What we sent to Jean

What we sent to Jean

We sent to Jean, from Alabama! She loved her package and sent us a nice email and a picture.

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals: February & March


From Nicole: Due to a family vacation in March, my sister and I neglected to update for February and March for Foodie PenPals. Here’s what we received from this great program.



For the February package, I received four types of teas (Darjeeling, Morocco Mint, Chamomile, and Bancha Hojicha), a chocolate grater, a chocolate bar, hemp hearts seeds, chai tea latte mix, edamame, spinach miso soup mix, luna cookie dough bar, yeast, fruit leather, dried porchini mushrooms, and almond butter to go pack.

I just told her that I like to-go things (especially luna bars), tea, and Asian food. The mushrooms would taste great in the miso soup. I can imagine myself grating the chocolate over some risotto or a dessert like a pro. The almond butter tastes good squeezed on a fresh apple for a snack. The edamame, fruit leather, and luna bar would be great in a lunch or as snacks!

Thanks for my lovely and creative package, Jolie!



For my March package, I received Salted Caramel Starbucks hot chocolate packages, Cookies BBQ sauce, apple cinnamon English muffin slices, apple butter, a nutz over chocolate luna bar, chocolate chai tea latte mix, chicken seasoning, and a wonderful card.

I really loved the hot chocolate packets, even though there wasn’t much caramel taste. Who can resist the rich Starbucks hot chocolate? I got the double chocolate for Christmas from my mom and boy, is that sweet!

My dad already was itching to use the BBQ sauce on some chicken and wings. He used it all already! He loves it and wants to order more from their site. At $2-something a bottle, that’s so cheap! Who knew that Iowa had a hidden gem like this? It was delicious.

The apple butter was great and the luna bar was my favorite flavor. The muffin slices were great for breakfast too.Thanks for my perfect package, Sandy!

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The Lean Green Bean