Hi and welcome to Hapa-tite!

If you have found your way here from, don’t worry, all the content is still here. Though, some of the content may be broken and pictures may be missing.  If there is a post you want that seems to be missing content, shoot me an e-mail or comment on that post and I will fix it for you. Otherwise, I will focus mainly on new content.

The change to Hapa-tite emerged out of an increasing desire to make a food-centric blog that made sense. I polled my family and friends and asked them what they thought my “style” was and where my focuses were. Sometimes you’re just too deep into it to make these decisions. At first it was frustrating because “all the good ideas were taken” but with that many good heads working together, we were bound to think of something great. And we did!

I look forward to sharing my edible adventures and cultural explorations with you and hope to learn some things along the way.

If you have questions, they may have been answered in the “About” section at the top.

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