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April 18th, 2009
The Flat is not a new place for me, I just happened to re-visit it (and document it) when I went back there this past-past weekend for an event for my sorority. I usually get the cinnamon-sugar-butter crepe (for only $2.50!) because it’s the cheapest and, in my opinion, one of the best. I’ve tried savory crepes from here (ham and spinach) and more elaborate crepes (vanilla yogurt with apple, strawberry, and banana), but the best is still the simplest.

They have a strong following down in Charlottesville, mostly among the college students, and its usually for something involving that heavenly hazlenut spread: Nutella. I think they put too much on and it pools in the center (aka, when folded, the bottom), then again, I don’t love love Nutella like many people I know. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever bought a jar myself before.

This really is a town secret. Hidden in the quaint Historic Downtown district, it’s a trolley-ride away from the center of the University of Virginia campus. Not only that, but it’s also hidden again! It’s off the beaten path, near a parking garage, in a small green brick-claden shack. All the ingredients are fresh, and the crepes are made to order right before your very eyes. But, you might want to call before you go. Inclement weather and other interesting reasons have often lead to disappointment upon seeing those shutters closed.


I have spent many a minute playing checkers on the cute little tables to the side of the ordering windows (bottle cap checkers!), and also time spent huddling near the warm window or casually waiting on the warm, colorful benches. These crepes are worth every penny! And I’ve had worse, more expensive crepes up here in the city.



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