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CakeLove (Updated)


Last week I met with War­ren Brown via a Yelp event at the Shirling­ton loca­tion of his bak­ery empire, CakeLove, for a cup­cake tast­ing. The cat­a­lyst for this cup­cake tast­ing was that in the last 6 months, CakeLove had been …

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Hello Cupcake

Pastry Chef Special w/ Skim Latte

In the past two weeks, I’ve vis­ited Hello Cup­cake twice. In the begin­ning (a year ago to the day), Hello Cup­cake was one of my favorites because of the inter­est­ing fla­vors and con­ve­nient loca­tion. Unfor­tu­nately, I think their qual­ity and …

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Something Sweet

Food Decor Ser­vice Cost
15 16 16 $6

August 7th, 2009
Noth­ing much to say about this place. It’s right across the street from 2Amy’s, which they admit­tedly did on pur­pose to catch all the din­ers …

Buzz Bakery

Buzz Bakery: August!

This is an update on my pre­vi­ous post about Buzz Bak­ery. We’ll leave the scores all the same, but I’ll share my expe­ri­ence, which I have mixed feel­ings about.

I returned back to Buzz Bak­ery August 15th to try …

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