CakeLove (Updated)


Last week I met with Warren Brown via a Yelp event at the Shirlington location of his bakery empire, CakeLove, for a cupcake tasting. The catalyst for this cupcake tasting was that in the last 6 months, CakeLove had been listening to customer feedback and re-doing some of their recipes (See: My

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Hello Cupcake


In the past two weeks, I've visited Hello Cupcake twice. In the beginning (a year ago to the day), Hello Cupcake was one of my favorites because of the interesting flavors and convenient location. Unfortunately, I think their quality and recipes have changed and gone downhill. Most recently, I've

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Something Sweet


SOMETHING SWEET BAKERY Food Decor Service Cost 15 16 16 $6 August 7th, 2009 Nothing much to say about this place. It's right across the street from 2Amy's, which they admittedly did on purpose to catch all the diners "pouring out" with a "sweet tooth" that

Buzz Bakery


This is an update on my previous post about Buzz Bakery. We'll leave the scores all the same, but I'll share my experience, which I have mixed feelings about. I returned back to Buzz Bakery August 15th to try their much-famed flavor-of-the month cupcake: Bacon. The bacon cupcake consists of a

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Best Buns Bread Co.


BEST BUNS BAKERY Food Decor Service Cost 18 16 17 $5 Best Buns is the bakery that provides all of the Great American Restaurants with their delicious bread. That alone should be a reason to go here. The bakery is located next to the

Chateau Gateau


CHATEAU GATEAU CUPCAKERY Food Decor Service Cost 14 - 17 $4 May 30th, 2009 Chateau Gateau only sells their cupcakes at the Old Town Farmer's Market or via catering. Because they are just a simple table admist many other tables, the decor score here is N/A. I

Lavender Moon Cupcakery


LAVENDER MOON CUPCAKERY CUPCAKERY Yelp Page Food Decor Service Cost 20 16 16 $5 May 30th, 2009 I had actually heard some bad things about Lavender Moon, and thought it wasn't worth going out to Old Town Alexandria to try some. Boy was I wrong. Right across the street from the Farmer's

Cupcake Heaven


CUPCAKE HEAVEN BAKERY Food Decor Service Cost 15 15 18 $5 June 22nd, 2009 I heard from my little sister that there was a new cupcake place where my parent's live (yes, I have been infecting my family with my cupcake war). The employees here are super helpful with

Red Velvet Cupcakery


RED VELVET CUPCAKERY CUPCAKERY Food Decor Service Cost 12 12 12 $5 I wanted this to be good. What else could you ask for? A Penn Quarter cupcakery that stays open to 11? I already kind of had a bad feeling about this place once I heard

Cupcakes Actually


CUPCAKES ACTUALLY CUPCAKERY Food Decor Service Cost 15 18 15 $8 March 30th, 2009 I went to the newly opened cupcakery in Fairfax Corner before they eve had their official opening. I was hoping that this cupcakery would be good because it's in a location that I