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June  6th, 2009
Buzz Bakery is so cute and quaint, yet somehow busy and soccer-mom-ish at the same time. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think I love it. I like the whole concept they have going on–games, and food, and baked goods, and cocktails. I could really spend the whole day here. The only bad thing is that the menu can be overwhelming and if you don’t know how to get here, you can easily pass it and end up going to DC (and not in the good way).

We sampled the new 9:30 club cupcake, Toffee Crunch, Oreo, and a mini red velvet. Even though I don’t like toffee, I took the recommendation of the cashier and ordered it. It was fine, but the buttercream frosting overpowered the cake and it was too sweet. The oreo cake was also pretty lackluster. The mini red velvet was eaten in one bite and didn’t really taste like anything. I couldn’t taste the “red velvet” flavor in the cake and nothing really stood out in my mind. I did enjoy the little chocolate shavings on top though.

Now to the main feature: the 9:30 club cupcake. I asked them why it didn’t have “9:30” on it and they said “I guess you could ice that on”. Didn’t know if that was invitation or an offer, but the cupcake went numberless in the end. Good thing too, because this cupcake had enough sugary topping for anyone. Yet, and I always think there is too much icing on my cake, it was the perfect amount. Rich, moist devil’s food cake serves as the perfect pedestal for the icing, which was delicious. The cake surrounds a vanilla creme filling and is served underneath chocolate icing that is then dipped in chocolate ganache. As you can see from the pictures below, there are quite obviously two different layers of frosting on this cake. And it’s all delicious. The two frostings play off of each other. Silky smooth yeilding to fudgy thick, it’s all wonderful.

Got to love the cute cupcake papers as well. I know exactly where they’re from too (how scary is that?).


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  1. Yea, I remember you going to buzz bakery the first time and giving it pretty good reviews until this 2nd time with their flavor bacon! I saw this flavor posted up on one of our cupcake blogs that we read and was very interested in trying it. (as we are both into the more exotic flavored cupcakes than just regular ole’ vanilla or chocolate all the time!) Based on your review, maybe not!! I thought it was going to be that nice sweet maple bacon or some similar sort…I guess not!

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