Takoyaki Pancakes and Nashi Bento

– 8 Cranberry Oatmeal Pancake ‘Takoyaki’ – Nashi
– Blueberry Muffin
– Larabar (Apple Pie)
– Green Tea Soy Milk

I had seen an advertisement on TV for a machine that was similar to a takoyaki machine that you could use to make tons of stuff like cream puffs and pizza, so I used my takoyaki grill to make pancake-puffs. I used Archer Farms (Target) Cranberry Oatmeal Pancake Mix and filled the grill circles after lightly greasing them (HINT: don’t fill the grill all at once because I burnt 3-4. I’m slow at flipping).

After the pancakes were done (could turn around in the grill evenly and were equally golden black-i mean BROWN) I split them open and put a little blueberry jam (preserves?) and cream-cheese. These pancake-puffs were also good plain too!

Top container has small cubes of nashi (asian pear — just not as good here as it was in Japan, too grainy, but still yummy) and most of a blueberry muffin.

Update: Sur La Table’s Silicone Egg Rings don’t work with scrambled eggs. I’ll try them out with normal eggs soon.

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