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Carte Postale de France

Bento Concept &  KaraChiwie have finished this world tour, but another one will start soon.
January’s stop was Morocco and February’s is France.

Besides the movie Ratatouille, France brings to mind desserts and picnics. For this bento I made a sort of Cordon Bleu-style chicken and packed it in a sandwich box. The inside of the chicken is filled with a little mustard, ham and provolone cheese. The bottom part is filled with chocolates I received from my sister for an early Valentine’s day present, a slice of a homemade roll cake I made (more on that later), two Nilla wafers, and the last of the pickled vegetables from New Years. This was too much food and sadly, I didn’t have enough room for all the chocolates.

I have bento from between last month’s world stop and this month’s, but I haven’t had time to post them! As it is, I’m always late for the Tour du Monde!


  1. Diana says:

    It’s funny to see what’s your opinion about France (for me living in France), your choice of cordon bleu is a very clever one, as it’s something from here but we also say about someone who is a very good cook that she is a cordon bleu !

  2. discojing says:

    That’s awesome!
    Cordon bleu is one of my favorite meals, and this extra tidbit of information is so neat! Thanks for sharing~

  3. KaraChiwie says:

    Your Bento post card was great! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. It was a lot of fun. And this bento wouldn’t have last a single minute. Chocolate and cordon bleu are my favorites :)


  1. [...] of her would-be-party so my family could enjoy it. I took a slice for myself and placed it in my French Postcard bento–that’s two slices I got to take because I had to make sure it tasted good before [...]

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