Foodie Penpals: June & July



Our June Foodie Penpals package was from Stephanie in Utah!

Our mailmen had a little mishap getting the first package to us (we never got it, but she sent it) but Stephanie was so very nice to send us another one!

What we got was: calpico mango and white peach drinks, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chocolate almond wafer rolls, butter coconut crackers, pineapple cakes and a cute cupcake note! The note card got a little wet so I couldn’t take a picture of it.

She especially shopped for us at her local Asian market. How could we ask for anything better? She chose to go there for “lots of fruity and sweet items…also, Calpico.” She tried every flavor and gave us her two favorites! I popped them in the fridge to get them cold and I’m saving a day to drink them.

She used to live in NY/NJ…we connected over how much we love the Asian selections over there. She lives near the biggest Asian supermarket in Utah! The pineapple cakes are her mom’s favorite, but apparently they come in different flavors! Our dad already devoured almost all of them, but he claims they’re like “island fig newtons” – count me in! I got to find some more.

Thanks Stephanie for our wonderful package!

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Our July Foodie Pen Pals is from Melissa!

She lives in Northern Indiana, which is 2 miles south of Michigan – so it’s called “Michiana”! She sent us some great local treats.
She works just near the “largest chocolate store” – how cool!

What we got is: summer themed malted milk balls (lemon and orange), peanut butter and chocolate fudge dessert topping, some lavender hill farm spice mix (lavender, rosemary, thyme, savory, and marjoram), and a nice postcard.

The malted milk balls are a nice summer treat that I ate one already of! My dad likes the lemon ones and I like the orange ones. They’re fairly big, but nonetheless, good.

I tried the dessert topping warmed up on top of ice cream – it tastes more like peanut butter than chocolate but that’s fine with me. I like how some of the money goes to a local food shelter. I haven’t tried the spice mix yet, but it sounds interesting!

Thanks for our nice package, Melissa!

For more information on Foodie Penpals, follow the link below.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have always wanted a foodie penpal but could never find one, or a way to connect with someone who would be interested. You got some lovely treats from your penpals. Lovely blog btw.