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So after being rejected by all of the companies that actually granted me a face-to-face interview, I decided to carouse the internet before diving back into this whole job search thing. *sigh*

Some things that are top-seeders on my gotta-get list:

  • Almost forgot: A JOB
  • Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer
  • Food Processor (maybe. The blender is so useful!)
  • Mochi Machine (okay, it does double as a bread/dough machine)
  • Electric Hot Water Heater/Dispenser
  • Baking Mat(s) (to replace parchment paper, which is $$!)
  • New Digital Camera (nice interface, and great quality)
  • MacBook, the cute lil’ one
  • iPhone (I’ll get this when my Sprint contract expires)
  • A new cosmetics case
  • New makeup, just a few new colors or ‘cool things’

I feel that some of these things will just need to come as a wedding/house warming present just because they’re so large. But if you’re ever thinking of anything to get me… ^_^

I just went to Sur La Table and got a muffin/cupcake tin and some liners. Let’s just say I’ve got something in the works. I actually have silicone cups I could have used, but I wanted to have decorative papers on these things I’m making and the silicone cups are -not- disposable. I should have bought more than one tin, not smart of me to try to make something with only one 12-cup pan!

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