Changes in 2014 & Giveaways!

20142014 has been a busy year already and it is only going to get busier!

This year we are already have on the plate:

  • January – Getting our first mortgage & becoming homeowners
  • February – Moving in to our first home!
  • September – Celebrating our 10-year anniversary & getting married
  • October – Honeymoon to West Coast & Hawai’i
In addition to those items, I’d like to add a couple more to the list. Instead of making specific New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to make a change in lifestyle with the mantra “Active & Aware“. To me, this means:
  • Be aware of what is in my diet. Decrease meat intake and consume less processed foods. This will be a lot easier since I got a NINJA prep/blender for Christmas!
  • Actively “vote with my wallet”. Support local businesses more and be aware of what I’m spending money on. Quality over quantity. This applies to food, drink, clothes, and furniture.
  • Be aware of what I have in my life. Emotionally & Physically. Keep existing relationships active & appreciated (I’m horrible at keeping in touch with friends & relatives!). De-clutter. If I have something, use it. If I’m not going to use it, get rid of it.

To celebrate the new year, I’m having a double giveaway! I’ll give 1 prize to Facebook followers and 1 prize to blog comments.

Prize – Tea Lover


Lots of different types of tea in loose leaf form or bags. If you prefer tea bags, a pack of empty tea bags are included as well. Teas include: Stash, Harney & Sons, Trader Joe’s, Twinnings, Numi, DavidsTea, and local company Spice & Tea Exchange.

Prize – Milk Chocolate Stash


Godiva treats including milk chocolate covered pretzels, cocoa, graham crackers, and caramels.

Enter the giveaway below:
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  1. Everything you have on your plate sounds so exciting! Congrats on making it to TEN years (I can’t even fathom that, you don’t even look old enough), as well as becoming a homeowner.

    • Thanks Miss Mochi! We’re purchasing a condo, though it’s more expensive than my parents’ house! O_O;
      You should enter the giveaway (or the tea swap!). I was thinking of you when a local donburi shop opened in DC.

  2. We’re having a baby this year so I imagine that we’ll have all sorts of unplanned changes ahead of us. Just trying to enjoy the peace now. 🙂

  3. Great giveaway! & Congrats on your wedding plans! I’m a tea lover myself. You don’t happen to have any Chocolate Candy Cane from The Spice & Tea Exchange would you? It’s a new favorite of mine & their winter selection is gone online.?

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  7. Yes, I did make changes. I decided to start doing yoga daily – it’s something I really enjoy and relaxes me, so I thought it would make 2014 even better!